• Happiness day

Happiness is watching butterflies roaming around flowers, Happiness is watching birds taking Rain-shower, Happiness is to steal money from your brother’s piggy bank , Happiness is to cheer India with your friends,  Happiness is to have no morning lecture and sleep till nine or Happiness is to make someone smile.  Happiness is in freedom. Happiness is in soaring high. There are Innumerable ways to look for and savor Happiness. On 20th march 2015 PGPM students celebrated ‘International Happiness Day’, and this is how they define happiness.

  • Women’s day:

Each of us is gloriously different, so embrace your uniqueness. Celebrate the feminine side of your leadership. One way to do that is to remember the magic of “AND”. Consider “this AND that” Vs “this OR that”. The ability to hold two seemingly conflicting ideas at the same time is possible! Be rational and also listen to what your intuition is telling you. Push your ideas hard, and do it with empathy. Compete to win, and collaborate so that the best idea emerges. So don’t hold back! Play your position of strength to make that big impact in whatever you do.”

– Ms. Supriti Bhandary, Former VP – HR, Wipro; Talent Advisor & Executive Coach

PGPM1114 SPJIMR celebrated womenhood on ‘International women’s day’ and found out what does MBA mean to them and how women can make a difference to the corporate world today.

  • Abhyudaya

We all are born with the ability to change someone’s life & I am proud to be the reason someone smiles today. For our Sitaras, let’s make sure that their spirit never fades or dies, let it shine bright in their eyes!

—- Arijit Chakraborty

It was a proud moment for the students of PGPM to be associated with Abhyudaya, an SPJAIN initiative. SPJAIN is the only B school in India to launch a mentorship program aimed at preparing its participants for future roles and to recognize the inequality between the rich and the poor. The MBA students are taught to contribute to the society and act as a catalyst in mentoring the underprivileged children. Though Abhyudaya is not a compulsory program for the PGPM students, they showed their keen interest towards the noble cause and came out in large numbers in welcoming and undertaking the role of mentoring their “Sitaras”. “Hastantaran” as the event is called, saw huge participation of PGPM students and everyone accepted their roles with alacrity. Equipped with the learnings and the varied experiences that they bring with them, the PGPM students will certainly contribute to the cause and foster social responsibility. This will enrich the mentee with more skills and prepare them better to take on the world.  For the MBA students, this will give them a holistic view and help them implement the change in a structured way. The program also complements SPJAIN’s objective of influencing practice and promoting value based growth.

—- Atmanand Mishra

Milan 2015

To meet and part is agony, to part and meet is ecstasy”

– Anonymous

At ‘Milan’ 2015, SPJIMR Director tells alumni: ‘We Salute You’Milan, the PGPM annual alumni meet, saw faculty and alumni reconnect for a fun filled evening Saturday (May 23) on the lawns of SPJIMR. As the sun set, the specially erected open air shamiana came alive with lights and music.

SPJIMR Director Dr.R Sesha Iyer said: “Our alumni play a big part in building the brand of the Institute. As the PGPM programme reaches new heights and the brand image grows, we salute you and ask you to keep up and grow your connection with us.”

“We have an exciting time ahead and this exciting time will be reinforced only when you keep up your contribution to us and we will continue to seek this,” Professor Suresh Lalwani, the Chairperson of the PGPM programme told alumni.

Milan, the annual PGPM alumni meet, is the SPJIMR way to nurture the relationship with its alumni and to relive the ‘we are connected’ spirit. This year on this grand meet about 40-45 alumni from all the PGPM batches attended the event.

The PGPM 1114 band ‘Cuttting Chai’ put up a special performance to mark Milan 2015 and stole the show. Vocals Karan, Siddhesh & Suman, Sarod-Maestro Suprobh, Pianist Sameer, Drummer Jomson & Guitarist Indranil (from PGPM 1013 batch) put the stage on fire and the audience was simply rocked on. Ankur, our in-house stand-up comedian, gave a splendid performance and audience put their fingers crossed as who is going to be the next scapegoat of his mimicry. Alumni enjoyed the fun games and shared their experiences.
The show ended with some evergreen melodies of Kishore Kumar sung by Prof Suresh Lalwani and Prof Nitin Gadiyar.

Elated by these marvelous performances, the alumni and their hosts relished the sumptuous dinner. Old relations reinvigorated and new ones burgeoned. Guidance and experience shared by the seniors enlightened the way ahead to the students.


It’s not very often that you get to see an MBA college with the professors and students dressed in identical hues. The day was 17th April 2015 and it marked the launch of SPJIMR day. Students, faculty members and staff had donned their blue T-shirts and gathered in the campus to cherish SPJIMR’s memory and values. There were SPJIMR hashtags and selfies galore and the alumni all over the world celebrated the day and reminisced the moments. Alumni shared their cherished memories on social media and those who were there at campus made every effort to redefine the SPJIMR legacy. Director, Prof. Sesha Iyer reiterated the values of eastern ethos & western efficiency which was conceded and appreciated by the students by a thunderous applause. Prof. Aditi Divatia underscored the importance of alumni and the global connect that SPJAIN enjoys.

The eclectic repertory of the students was tested when team “Cutting Chai” performed to the mellifluous tunes of “Nothing else matters”. The rendition mesmerized everyone and the auditorium resonated with loud cheers. There was a sense of connectedness all around the place, all credits to ‘SPJIMR day’. A 16 kg multi layered cake was the biggest surprise for everyone and there could not have been a better ending to the day than being treated with the huge slices of the delectable chocolate cake!!


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