cutting chai


It’s not me who plays music. It’s my soul!  (Pianist Sameer)

Music is happiness for me. The only time I forget everything in the world and just be happy! (Vocalist Karan)

Music makes me forget my troubles in life and makes me believe that ordinary people can come together and produce extraordinary things! (Drummer Jomson)

They say that music has no language; it transcends realms and is known to have a calming influence on people. As newbies of PGPM, we were just about getting into the grind of GM1 when we got to know that our hostel had a music room.

At first thought, we were very excited. However, we were shocked when we saw the condition of the room and the instruments in it. The music room had literally become a dumping yard for unwanted items. It pained us to see the instruments in such a pitiable state.

We spent the next couple of weeks running from pillar to post with college authorities to set up our new music room.  Soon, daily jam sessions post dinner became like our dessert which we would relish immensely. We got great encouragement from our batch mates when they came over and sang with us.

For us, music was always a passion. We were content to be confined within the four walls of our small music room until our dear friend Avinash approached us with the idea of performing on stage, on the occasion of SPJIMR Day.  They say when you do something with all your heart and dedication, then “Nothing Else Matters” 😉

And this is how ‘Cutting Chai’ was formed, a trio of passionate music enthusiasts whose lives were intertwined by a quirk of fate called PGPM1114.

— From the hearts of #cuttingchai (Sameer, Jomson , Karan)


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