Fresh pages turn
Giving a new twist
 And a thoughtful turn
To an average life
Touched by mediocrity
But, Tested by time.
A golden opportunity
Bringing together people
 From all hues and ranges
With A parched throat
Gasping for more challenges.
The PG lab Made
Everyone forget grades
And created a web
Of life-long comrades.
An unsatisfied life was then
Chosen by talent
Burnt by the midnight oil
Touched by seniority
Stamped as royal
Chiseled assiduously
To unleash the beast
That we all know
As the best of the best
So World, beware of
Who we are
Manali Sengupta_PGDM2015-17
The author is Manali Sengupta (PGDM 2015-17)

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