Treasure Hunt


The Treasure Hunt organised by the HR committee  was aimed at increasing interaction among the PGDM 2015 batch and helping them get to know their campus better in a relaxed and fun setting. The teams were made cross commitee wise and included people with various interests (A survey was floated asking for specific  interests i.e. Harry Potter, Friends and Game of Thrones).

There was a buzz in the air as the teams gathered under B29 to kick off the treasure hunt. Everyone wanted to do their best and there was an instant sense of camaraderie among the team mates. The various clues led them to areas across the campus, helping them discover the beauty which lies within the realms of Bhavans. The race against time made this all the more exciting. At each clue location the teams were given interesting tasks like Yoga, Sudoku puzzle, Basketball, Skipping Rope, Vada Pav eating etc . The tasks were a lot of fun and helped the teams to bond very well.

The criteria for the winners was the shortest time to complete the tasks as well as a submission which was to be made regarding the area they would want to beautify on campus. The quality and creativity of the submissions were astounding and it really showed the amount of fun the participants had. Overall the HR Committee was successful is creating a home away from home for the PGDM students and creating a much needed sense of belonging on campus.


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