Entrepreneur Committee believes in touching the lives of people and not just counting the number of entries we get!

So, one fine day we when we all sat together and saw the fatigued faces of our friends engrossed in the endless case studies and competitions, we all agreed “Bahut hua Case Studies, Let’s do Business NOW”! Then and there we thought to give them their own fiefdom and let them run their own business for 24 hours starting with just Rs 100/-. After launching our competition named as “100-preneurs”, we got registration from around 10 entrepreneur teams but only 4 made it to the finals! Our batch came up with wonderful ideas! Utilizing the weekend on friendship day (that’s what good entrepreneur do- grab the opportunity) the teams came up with –

Entre 2

The teams were judged on the various parameters like Sustainability, revenue et al by The head of Entrepreneur Committee Prof. M.S. Rao.

CraftsVille won a whooping Rs 2000/- as winner followed by Kabootar Ja Ja Ja who got Rs 1000/- being first runners up! Others got chocolates and loads of advice by our professor through his enriching words and experience he had as an entrepreneur!Entre 1

What is fascinating is that the people are still carrying on with their dreams! Craftsville want to actually open this venture after tasting this minuscule success. We have already seen two more successful versions of Swagger board and Kabootar Ja Ja Ja (now Kawaa) and this time all free! The college has also promised to mentor and help them if  they wish to take it forward.

What can be more blissful and satisfying than to see a small initiative of yours actually helping someone in taking his dream forward. If you make it to someone’s FB post, it would mean a lot to them!


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