Celebrating Freedom!

CultCom’15 was full of energy for its first big event and also a bit nervous to ensure that the event is a big hit. With the online competition launched before Independence Day, CultCom15’ was able to set high expectations for the event which were successfully met through precise implementation.


The enthusiastic faculty and staff members arrived at the venue of flag hoisting ceremony with their family members. The interaction between students and teachers created a sense of homeliness as most of our students are thousands miles away from their homes. Small flags pinned to our shirts gave us a sense of honour and we were immersed in a great feeling of patriotism. Then, flag hoisting was done by our Hon’ Dean followed by the national anthem. This is one of those moments, which makes every Indian feel proud and responsible towards their country. This was followed by the cultural program in the Auditorium.

The event began with the Dean’s address and we got to know some great ideas regarding the meaning of independence for an Indian in today’s world. A tribute to the great Missile man of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was given by commemorating his great story and his great contribution to our country. Then there were patriotic songs sung by our talented singers. Winners of online competition were declared after that.

The highlight of the show was a special tribute dedicated to the family of Indian soldiers through a dance and dramatic performance by talented performers of SPJIMR family which made everyone stand and salute our soldiers. Then the entire SPJIMR family had breakfast together which allowed faculty and students to come even closer with long discussions. This was such a wonderful experience to share these special moments on Independence Day which have etched a special mark in our memories.


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