The Journey of “3 Wise Monkeys”

“Three Wise Monkeys”- That’s what we (Abhinav Sharma, Nitin Davessar and Roohani Arora) call ourselves, because we are wise, funny and we form an excellent trio.

Three Wise Monkeys

For us, Deloitte Maverick was a huge learning experience. From the day we got our first case to the day we went up on the stage in the auditorium of SIMS Pune, we explored a different world altogether. We can still remember, when the first case released, it befuddled us completely. We were scared to approach the problem initially, but then we decided that whatever happens, we’ll put in our best, and we did. To our luck, it was worth it. We became the campus winners. Happy and excited, we were very apprehensive about what next.

Then came the second round, when we were asked to work on another case on mobile banking in South Africa and a case on the social organization, Magic Bus. We put our heart and soul in it. We had to go to Pune, to represent SPJIMR on the regional level. Nervous, yet so excited, we reached IBIS hotel, Pune. Again a sleepless night, but the enthusiasm was still high. Next morning, all pumped up we presented the case in front of the jury. It went well, and we got through the first stage. We presented our final case in the auditorium. It felt so different and special. We had people come up to us, to appreciate our work. The Deloitte team was impressed with how we presented ourselves. We were obliged with how they acknowledged the efforts we had put in. We couldn’t make it to the nationals, but what we got, is a lifetime experience, a learning, a friendship and the confidence to reach a new level next time.


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