Trial by Rebuttal

The Speak Club at SPJIMR has always worked to provide SP Jain students a platform to evolve and improve their Public Speaking skills. The Speak Club this year tied up with NTPC Ltd. to usher in the very first edition of Trial by Rebuttal, SPJIMR’s Annual Parliamentary debate on Friday, the 30th of October. The debate was the beginning of an initiative by the Speak club to encourage and promote the culture of debate and discussion on a wide range of issues that are not restricted to just business, on campus. Speak collaborated with the NTPC to partner in its goal of sensitizing the public, of issues like corruption as part of the Vigilance Awareness Week from 26th to the 30th of October, an initiative by the Central Vigilance Commission.

In line with the theme, “Corruption and Good Governance” of the Awareness Week, the motion for the debate was, “This House believes that corporations should not be allowed to make political contributions.” As per the format designed for the debate, each side had one faculty member and two students arguing the motion. While the proposition was represented by Manish Kandpal, Garima Kansal and Professor Malay Krishna, the opposition team was made up of Kritee Jhawar, Sudhant Jaggi and Professor Anil Vaidya.

The debate itself was very engaging with points like crowd funding of electoral campaigning, barriers to entry in politics due to massive contributions, increased awareness due to contribution funded campaigning etc. being debated at length in the attendance of our Dean, Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, who was the Chairperson for the debate. What followed the debate was an intense rebuttal session with students and faculty from the audience putting both the sides to the sword with their sharp questioning.

The motion was carried by the house as the audience voted in agreement to the proposition that corporations should indeed not be allowed to make political contributions. Among the student speakers, Sushant Jaggi won the Best Speaker Prize. The event ended with a few deep insights on the motion from the Dean and the prizes for the student speakers being given out by Mr K Ravindran, Additional general Manager, Public Relations, NTPC Ltd. The judges for the speaker prizes were Professor Ratika Gore, Professor Jagdish Rattanani and Mr. Ravindran.

With this the Speak Club plan to follow up the event with debates being organised on a regular basis for the students to encourage the culture of parliamentary debating in the batch. This would be in addition to the sessions on Public Speaking organised by the club which is spearheaded by Professor Ratika Gore. We look forward to more such sessions from the club in the coming months.


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