Talk by Mr. Ram Subramaniam

This November 28, R&D Committee brought for us Mr. Ram Subramanian – an industry veteran from the advertising space who has done commendable work on how to make ideas viral on social media.


Ram established a production house – Handloom Pictures – in 2009 through which he pursues his passions into advertising and PR. He was involved in a lot of socially impactful advertising through his ads during the recently concluded elections like video on The Mute (who says that he doesn’t have a right to complain against government since he didn’t vote), a campaign for AAP etc. His commercial works include ads for big brands like Dabur, Jabong, IndiaMart, Myntra, Bingo etc. His advertisements were covered in the online editions of TOI are a darling of new age creative content makers like ScoopWhoop and StoryPick.


At the event, Ram showed how he made some of his ideas viral and detailed the characteristics a potentially viral idea. Most of his examples revolved around the theme of making ideas viral on social media, but he also spoke about his experiences in the TV, Print advertising space. Explaining that any content with the right kind of presentation can go viral, he took examples of many viral videos that though were created by amateurs went on to create shockwaves in the social media. His examples connected with the audience because of their simplicity and excellent storyline.

Ram added that social work is his passion and many have a wrong opinion about social work being the Gandhian way of conservative living. He said that one can earn a very decent living even by working in the social space but that it requires the right kind of exposure and motivation. He signed off saying that one can gain a creative satisfaction by doing socially impactful work and that there is a need for a lot of more ideas to bring about social change. He suggested that B-schools must actively work towards training students into taking up projects that have a social impact angle and they may do so by introducing appropriate courses into their curriculum or through internships – something SPJIMR is already a pioneer at!



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