SBAC 2015 pre-launch event


SPJIMR Business-Academia Conclave (SBAC), formerly SPJIMR Academic Conclave, is a corporate event that brings together eminent speakers from the academia, industry and the student community on one platform to discuss and bring in their own perspective to relevant global issues. It is a unique platform for the best minds across the globe to converge and ignite ideas as well as solutions for several burning issues that organizations today are faced with. It’s a four day event consisting of keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, symposia and case presentations based on six of the most prominent, contemporary and relevant industry issues in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Management, Consulting and HR.


The pre-launch of SBAC took place on the 8th of December 2014. We saw each of the conclaves presenting their themes and their illustrious list of speakers.

The themes include :

  • Information Management-DigiBiz2020 : The Digital Business Edge
  • Operations Conclave-Supply chain Strategies – Emerging vision and impact of technologies
  • HR Conclave-Equity at the Workplace- Tapping Talent from the Margins
  • Consulting Conclave-Retail Revolution in India – Are disruptive technologies changing the game?
  • SPJIMR Marketing Impact Awards(SMIA)- Marketing to Women
  • Finance Conclave-Indian Derivatives Market – Striking the balance between risk protection and liquidity


Some of the eminent speakers for this year are Dr. Narayan Rangaraj Dean(Academia), IIT Bombay; Mr. Harun Rashid Khan Deputy Governor, RBI; Mr. Rajeev Dubey President – Group HR, Corporate Services, and Aftermarket Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra; Mr. Anthony Thomas Chief Information Officer, Vodafone India Ltd; Mr. Anand Halve Brand Strategist and Co-founder, Chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy; Dr. Glenn Omura Acting Associate Dean for MBA/MS Programs at Michigan State University.


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