Lock Stock and Trade 2015


Lock Stock & Trade is one of the flagship events of SP Jain Institute of Management & Research organized by Entrepreneurship Committee. This year the event was held on 3rd of January at SPJIMR. The main objective of the event was to develop and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit among students by way of an exposure to real-life entrepreneurial ventures and a platform for them to pitch against each other.


The event comprised of student teams representing a reasonably established entrepreneur and presenting the venture’s growth plan to the audience. These companies were open for evaluation and trading  by the audience who, acting as investors, mock ‘invest’ in shares of their choice from among the ventures making their IPO. The stocks were allotted through bidding and the ultimate stock prices were determined by the market forces. At the end of the day the winning ‘investors’ were those with highest value portfolios and the winning ‘company’ was that which had the highest market capitalization. The game provided an opportunity to bid trade and build portfolio, and experience a simulated version of the IPO process.


This year the event started with the welcome address from Professor Sesha Iyer, Director SPJIMR, Mrs. Sunita Singh, Sr. Director NEN and Prof. MS Rao, Chairperson, Center of Entrepreneurship SPJIMR. The main highlight of the event was the Keynote Speaker Mr Sunil Rao, Director Four Fountains De-Stress Spa & Jazz Up Salon. Top notch business schools such as NITIE, SJSOMS participated in the event to pitch the ideas of the startup such as Topprs, Stylefiesta, Jukebox and Appnox. 15 B-school teams with 15 upcoming startups competed against each other in 3 different tracks to acquire the highest market capitalization. The Business plan presented by the B school teams were judged by the renowned panellist constituting of a Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Professor. The event was a grand success with Appknox, Stylefiesta and Spicebox declared as the winner in their respective track.



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