The curtain raiser for the flagship event of the Entrepreneurship committee, Lock Stock Trade, was held on 19 November 2014, the theme of which was “Offbeat Entrepreneurs”. To make the event fun and more relatable to the audience, stand-up comedians who had already made a mark for themselves in the business and an established independent musician were invited to perform for and interact with the students.

lst2The comedians invited were Aakash Mehta, Siddharth Dudeja, Vikram Poddar and Anirban. They first performed for the students and left them in splits. They then went on to talk about the challenges they faced in their careers and how it is a tough but a rewarding thing to make your mark in an unconventional field. Next up was Joel Mukherjee, an independent singer. He sang a self-composed beautiful song for the students and then talked about his journey. After this, the poster of LST 15 was revealed to the students.


It was an entertaining yet insightful event that the students were able to connect with. We’re sure that if the launch was this good, the event itself ought to be among the best things this campus has seen! Keep watching this space for more about LST 2015!


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